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Angelina Jolie opens up about battling depression and suicide

Reports suggested that Jolie was considering suicide, but she remained silent about her struggles for some time

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Angelina Jolie, a versatile Hollywood actress, has faced her share of struggles, including depression and anxiety, during her younger years.

During the interview, Jolie revealed that she had once considered hiring a hitman to stage her suicide as a murder.

She explained that hitmen were not difficult to find in New York and that the idea was driven by the belief that many people, including her mother, would feel they hadn’t done enough to prevent her suicide.

She said, “I was very aware that so many people around me, like my mother, would feel as though they didn’t give enough or do enough if I’d taken my own life.”


Her plan was to make her death appear as a murder during a robbery, so no one would blame themselves.

Jolie even took steps to withdraw cash slowly over time to pay the hitman, avoiding a large sum in her bank account.

However, her plan failed when the hitman talked her out of it. He asked her to reconsider and call him again in two months.

Ultimately, something in Jolie’s life changed, and she decided to persevere. Her candid admission sheds light on the struggles many people face with depression and suicidal thoughts, even those who appear successful and accomplished.

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