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Stabbed Sydney Assyrian church bishop says he forgives attacker

"I forgive whoever has done this... I will always pray for you and whoever sent you, I forgive them"

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An Assyrian church bishop who was stabbed during a service at his church said on Thursday he was recovering quickly, and that he had forgiven his attacker as police ramped up investigation into the riots triggered after the bishop’s stabbing.

“I am doing fine, recovering very quickly … there is no need to be worried or concerned,” Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel said in an audio message posted on social media, his first public comments since the attack. “I forgive whoever has done this act … I will always pray for you and whoever sent you to do this, I forgive them as well.”

Bishop Emmanuel, who has a popular youth following on TikTok and had criticised homosexuality, COVID vaccinations and Islam in his sermons, was injured in the attack, which has been deemed a terrorist act motivated by suspected religious extremism.

A male teenager has been arrested in the attack on the bishop and is in the hospital under police guard.


An angry crowd fought emergency crews outside the church, demanding that the suspected attacker be handed over to them.

New South Wales state Police Commissioner Karen Webb said a 19-year-old man, who was not a member of the church, was charged in connection with his role in the riot.

“People just came along to participate in a riot. That is disgraceful and disgusting,” Webb said during a news briefing.

More detectives have been assigned to investigate the riot, which injured about 50 officers and damaged 20 police cars.

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