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Illegal kidney transplant scandal: Female health worker among accomplices

Eight-member gang led by Dr Fawad Mumtaz also included disabled person

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Lahore police have made further revelations as they investigate a female health worker and her property dealer husband in connection with an illegal kidney transplant scandal.

Important new details have emerged during the investigation into the scandal.

A group of eight people, including Dr. Fawad Mumtaz, had the support of a female healthcare worker whose property dealer husband supplied donors. Two kidney sellers also joined the gang after selling their organs.

The eight-member gang which was led by Dr Fawad Mumtaz also included a disabled person named Shaukat who was the frontman of the ringleader.


The frontman arranged for illegal kidney transplants of 65 domestic and foreign clients.

Another key player in the racket was a man named Liaquat who sold his kidney to the racket 15 years ago and then went on to recruit 15 other donors. A man named Farooq also sold his organ to join the racket.

Police said that the health worker Sonia and her husband Waheed Tahir used to arrange donors.

Sonia’s husband is a property dealer and is said to have used his contacts to find people who were willing to sell their kidneys.

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