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Increase electricity bills: IMF asks Pakistan to share relief plan in writing

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Caretaker finance minister shamshad akhtar proposed to the international monetary fund (imf) to reduce the heavy bills of electricity.
Sources ministry of finance say there was virtual contact between Pakistan and imf officials, overseer finance minister shamshad akhtar approached imf representative Easter perez and negotiated with imf for relief in electricity bills.
According to sources, the finance minister informed the imf about the situation after the increase in electricity bills and presented various Suggestions for relief in electricity bills.

Sources say imf took a briefing on Pakistan’s stance for relief of electricity bills and demanded a written plan from Pakistani authorities for relief of electricity bills.
Sources tell the ministry of finance that Pakistan is likely to send a written plan to the imf by this evening.
According to sources, the imf spoke in detail about tax receipts in July, the FBR authorities and the imf will be reconnect in the next few days

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