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Home Top News Inflation is not that big issue to go on strike: Caretaker PM

Inflation is not that big issue to go on strike: Caretaker PM

The electricity bills will need to be paid, problem was “being exaggerated”. We will not make false promises nor would we deviate from our responsibilities, says Anwaarul Haq Kakar

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ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar on Thursday stated that the matter of skyrocketing electricity bills is being discussed with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), adding that the government would fulfill its obligations to the global lender “at all costs”.

Speaking to senior journalists and anchorpersons in Islamabad, he said the consumers will have to pay the electricity bills, inflation was not a big issue to go on a strike, the problem was “being exaggerated”.

The reason behind the high electricity bills was the IPPs and line losses, he added. “We are working with the IMF and looking into the issue of electricity bills.

Caretaker Prime Minister announced that in the next 48 hours, his government would announce a relief plan on the electricity bills that have led to nationwide protests.


PM Kakar said that his government did a detailed review of the electricity bills for the last two months. All institutions, he further said, were asked how much free electricity they were consuming, adding that the electricity bill

He also said, “We have taken note of the free electricity units [being given to government departments and officials].”

He assured that no one in the army is using free electricity bills and it is being paid through the defense budget.

The caretaker premier also clarified that they were also told that no one in the judiciary is being provided with free electricity. Even in Wapda, only a few employees have free electricity facilities from grades 1-16 while most officers above grade 17 are getting free units of electricity, he added.

On the matter of upcoming general elections, he assured that the polls would be held on time but at the same time clarified that it is the Election Commission of Pakistan’s authority and they are there to assist.

“I am not a constitutional expert but till the Supreme Court does not give its interpretation [on a law] then what law has been approved will be followed. Whatever Supreme Court decides on the election date we will respect it,” the premier said.

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